Great intro course for those interested in understanding ‘all things drone’. The course provided an excellent introduction and gave the participant the knowledge and skills to take the next steps, both in theory, practice, and understanding of important legislative issues. Mark empowers participants to go beyond just pushing buttons or ‘playing with software and hardware’ to actually understanding principles and being able to control and fly drones. Highly recommended! (Yair K – Drones 101 for Adults)

It is a great day with a very knowledgeable and enthused instructor. It should be a must for all first-time buyers of drones – regardless of which one they get. (Dave P – Drones 101 for Adults)

A great way to learn how to fly safely, responsibly and confidently, but most of all remove the anxiety of flying your own drone. (Richard W – Drones 101 for Adults)

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Mark is very knowledgeable and engaging. I came away happy that I would be able to remember all that I had learnt and experienced, and confident that I could transfer this knowledge towards safely flying a more capable drone if I chose too. Anyone contemplating buying a drone and becoming a pilot would benefit from attending a Bootcamp. (Tony W – Drones 101 for Adults)

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I was a complete novice. Now I am an enthusiastic novice motivated to develop this into a full-time hobby. (Neil C – Drones 101 for Adults)

Drone Bootcamp was very good, and you get an equal amount of flying time and lesson time, so you learn a lot! (Lachie K – Drones 101 for Kids)

I was a bit apprehensive at the start but by the end of the day, I felt very confident in my ability to fly a drone and took away a good understanding of where it was safe to operate a drone. (Emil H – Drones 101 for Kids)

The boot camp was very educational and taught me about the rules and how to follow them, it also taught me how to fly and move my drone around. (Anon – Drones 101 for Kids)

This was a great day. I had very little experience with drones and Mark was a very patient and kind teacher. It was worth it alone to learn of the rules and regulations when operating drones. The group size was kept small which gave everyone a chance to get the most out of the course. (Kylie A – Drones 101 for Adults)

Drone Boot camp is a great way for anyone wanting to take up drone flying as a hobby. Knowing about the fundamentals, rules and support to drone flying can only prolong the enjoyment of the hobby. (Niran J – Drones 101 for Adults)

A fun day for even a complete drone newbie who gained a solid start in theory and practical skills and confidence to take to the air. (Anon – Drones 101 for Adults)

Hands-on, real-world fun, get out there and enjoy technology and environment in the one package. (Andrew R – Drones 101 for Adults)

Drone Bootcamp addresses an information gap in the community regarding drone technology, rules and responsibilities, and safe operation. A perfect launchpad for further exploration. (Gary L – Drones 101 for Adults)

I am an ex-pilot and Barrister and thus an informed critic. I would recommend this course strongly to anyone going drone flying. (VH – Drone 101 for Adults)

I quickly learnt flying drones was also about safety and responsibility. Yet Drone Bootcamp did an excellent job of teaching how to have fun within these boundaries. (Daniel M – Drones 101 for Adults)

It was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend it to others. Mark’s subject knowledge was fantastic and the entire course was very rewarding. If you have an interest in drones and looking where to start, this is the place! (Nick S – Drones 101 for Adults)

Relevant, timely and all a beginner needs to know. (Fiona N – Drones 101 for Adults)



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