Super Hornet at Skyfire

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January 2017 Bootcamp ALPHA report and images

Drone Bootcamp conducted Bootcamp ALPHA on 16 and 18 January at Lyneham High School, Canberra ACT. A late venue change impacted on the workshop and hot weather left us all feeling quite worn out even though it was just a half day program… however, a great time was had by

Where’s it safe to fly your UAV in Aus?

CASA has recently demonstrated that they will prosecute non-compliant users of RPA. Do you know where you can fly? There are differences for UOC holders operating for financial gain and those flying as a hobby. Download this handy app to your phone as a helpful tool toward safe UAV operation.

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Enjoy your UAV… but fly responsibly!

Drone Bootcamps 2017 – enrolling now!

SPARKED – award winning short film


The making of Intel’s Drone 100 swarm – showing what you can do when you ask “what if…”, ponder and answer “…why not!”.

New drones compared: GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro

Intro to UAVs

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