Drones 101 for Teachers: General Content & Resources

Pre-event registration (Google Form): https://goo.gl/forms/Yu0xKeOmSY4eLXIC3 Drones 101 for Teachers: Program Plan Which Innovator Are You? Quiz: https://www.nesta.org.uk/quiz/which-innovator-are-you CASA Resource: Drone Fact Sheet CASA sub-2kg commercial RPAS category and ARN info: https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/commercial-unmanned-flight-remotely-piloted-aircraft-under-2kg Drone Bootcamp Prospectus (including The Dragonfly Project): 2017 Prospectus Drone Terminology Quick Reference Guide: https://www.airdronecraze.com/quick-reference-guide-of-drone-terminology/ Industry, Innovation & Science Maker Space Grant

In case you missed it…


It started off as a fine, windless and clear day for Drones 101 for Newbies on Saturday 2 September but by late morning the clouds had arrived and the wind blew at about 12-13 km. Nonetheless, a great group of 10 drone enthusiasts gathered at the Emmaus Sports Complex to

CASA drone use survey

Please complete CASA’s survey relating to the current Discussion Paper on recreational drone use in Australia. https://consultation.casa.gov.au/regulatory-program/dp1708os/

Post-event report: Drone Bootcamp 29 July 2017

Many thanks to the great group of enthusiastic Drone Bootcamp participants from Saturday 29 July for their focus, engagement and positive feedback… what a great day. After settling in and immediately unboxing, pre-flighting, arming and calibrating drones included in the program’s cost, we retired to the ‘bat cave’ and got busy

Which Drones Have the Longest Flight Time?

Originally posted on DroneBase:
Flying a drone can be a liberating, creative and breathless experience. But there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to always bring you back down to earth with a bump: low battery. Short flight times are something that the industry as a whole is trying to tackle. But current…

Post-event report: Drone Bootcamp 24 June 2017

An enthusiastic group numbering 10 ‘pilots’ participated in our adult program on Saturday, 24 June 2017. After settling in and learning the definition of ‘drone’s, the history of UAVs, how they actually work and the CASA rules and regulations, students hit the Sports Complex proper to fly the small, inexpensive

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