About Drone Bootcamp

Interest in drones, quadcopters, RPAs and UAVs is literally ‘taking off’! They’re inexpensive, packed with amazing features and, once you start flying, are totally addictive. So whether you’re looking to fly for fun or aspiring to fly for commercial purposes, safety is paramount.

Drone flying’s reputation is already at risk due to military misdeeds, privacy improprieties and dangerous, inexperienced hobbyists. Getting the right information regarding rules and regulations, best-practice flying skills and a broad understanding of how best to use them safely and responsibly is at the heart of Drone Bootcamp as an organisation.

No matter what level your interest, our workshops will help you get airborne safely and securely in a fun and enjoyable environment.


To create, shape and foster safe and responsible recreational drone flying via affordable, high-quality, professionally presented programs in order to deliver current best practice Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) education to a broad audience.


Fun  •  Safety  •  Responsibility


Public programs: Drone Bootcamp is currently developing one-day ‘bootcamps’ to teach all ages the basics of drone flying. Bootcamps for adults are conducted the last Saturday of every month at the Emmaus Sports Complex in Dickon – BOOK NOW.

School holiday programs: Drone Bootcamp currently operates half-day and one-day workshops for students aged 12 to 17. Please visit our BOOTCAMPS EXPLAINED page for more information or BOOK NOW.

In-school programs: Drone Bootcamp can be booked to come to your school to conduct incursions covering basic theory and drone flying skills. We’ll introduce young enthusiasts to the amazing world of autonomous flight systems such as drones and potential career pathways available. Express your interest in a Drone Bootcamp for your school via our Contact page.

Teacher TQI-accredited programs: Drone Bootcamp can be booked by schools to train teachers all about drones as an emerging technology and of ways to include them in your STEM/STEAM syllabus. Teachers will ‘graduate’ from our program with a broad understanding of UAVs, be provided with essential questions and stimulus to develop classroom lessons and units-of-work as well as having a fun time with colleagues. Our programs are TQI accredited – book a date and come to us or request we come to you. Express your interest in a TQI Drone Bootcamp via our Contact page.

Corporate programs: Drone Bootcamp can be booked by your department, directorate or business to conduct basic theory and drone flying skills for team-building and/or other organisational outcomes. Express your interest in a Drone Bootcamp for your organisation via our Contact page.

Visit the Bootcamps Explained and Book Now pages for more information.


Express your interests in a Drone Bootcamp via our Contact page.

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