About Us

Interest in drones, quadcopters, RPAs and UAVs is literally ‘taking off’! They’re inexpensive, packed with amazing features and, once you start flying, are totally addictive. So whether you’re looking to fly for fun or aspiring to fly for commercial purposes, safety is paramount.

Drone flying’s reputation is already at risk due to military misdeeds, privacy improprieties and dangerous, inexperienced hobbyists. Getting the right information regarding rules and regulations, best-practice flying skills and a broad understanding of how best to use them safely and responsibly is at the heart of Drone Bootcamp as an organisation.

The main word our graduates use to describe the Drone Bootcamp experience is “empowering”. No matter what level your interest, our workshops will help you get airborne safely and with confidence.


To create, shape and foster safe and responsible recreational drone flying via affordable, high-quality, professionally presented programs to a broad audience.


Fun  •  Safety  •  Responsibility


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