Many thanks to Saturday 25 November Drones 101 for Adults participants for trusting DB to teach them the skills necessary to fly quadcopters. Also, as our recent change from using Eventbrite to an in-house ticket process caused some hiccups in the lead up to the program, the group’s patience and understanding were greatly appreciated.

It was a great day indoors and out with a predominantly novice group traversing the learning curve wonderfully. The ‘slow burn’ that is a Drone Bootcamp’s scaffolded flying program saw all and sundry pre-flighting, arming, taking off, hovering, pitching and rolling well before the main break.

Upon return from lunch we were yawing and completing simple box turns in no time. Questions asked were influenced by the associated seminars and, as per past groups, the desire to graduate to a DJI Phantom aircraft by program’s end was evident (most often the result of the confidence gained flying the toy-grade Syma quadcopters in an appropriately paced, structured process). Well done to all those that tackled the tricky inversion (aka aversion or barrel roll) manoeuvre the little Syma drones are capable of. Smooth banked turns are relegated as homework if you’re looking to ‘push the envelope’.

It’s a good workshop when all aircraft leave in serviceable condition – none found the net when pushing limits indoors and the outdoor DJI Phantom familiarisation activity was only compromised by a couple of local lads with a soccer ball and a trio of over-curious, fast flying magpies.

Congratulations to all participants on graduating with your ‘wings’… go forth to fly your drones safely and responsibly.

Images from the event can be viewed via our Flickr site.

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