Huge congratulations to Drone Bootcamp’s most recent graduates from the Saturday 28 October Drones 101 for Adults workshop. Even though the program now starts at 9:00am (30 minutes earlier than previous workshops) we finished 30 minutes late with all and sundry still on the ground fit and flying at 5pm (give or take). The patience and tolerance of the group were greatly appreciated after we lost 30 minutes in the first session due to a prolonged unboxing and pre-flight phase.

Suffice to say that by the end of the first formal flying stage we had rescued 30 minutes (as well as a drone caught in the net) and the learning curve, always steepest at the beginning of flying, started to level out. All participants conquered pitch, roll and yaw in no time with basic manoeuvres and identified milestones completed prior to a short stint outside flying the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Despite a 5-10 km/h gusting wind keeping us ‘honest’ on the soccer oval, all participants completed a short familiarisation fly. This fly is always a great opportunity to utilise the Can I Fly There, WindCompass and DJI Go apps in context. Seeing a drone at an altitude of 30m only to realise that’s 25% of the allowable height is always beneficial and gives a reality to what are, ultimately, very generous rules from CASA.

This program saw our oldest participant, Viv (91 years young) who was a complete warrior and stayed for the whole event. He was so humble, even saying to me at the end of the day that I “…must be exhausted”. Huge thanks to Alex for his one-on-one coaching of Viv providing me with the time to assist the group holistically.

Well done to everyone… please go on to fly safely and responsibly.

Mark Will
Cheif Drone Nerd



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