It started off as a fine, windless and clear day for Drones 101 for Newbies on Saturday 2 September but by late morning the clouds had arrived and the wind blew at about 12-13 km. Nonetheless, a great group of 10 drone enthusiasts gathered at the Emmaus Sports Complex to ‘cut their teeth’ on Syma, MJX and DJI products of varying capabilities.

After an introductory seminar covering definitions, grades of drone, flying safety and rules and regs, we got busy flying with pre-flight, arming and basic flight control exercises covered before a lunch break.

Post-lunch the group were challenged to manoeuvre their drones using pitch, roll and yaw before another seminar to provide buying advice and some insight into handy apps and resources. Despite the wind, we got a DJI Phantom 3 Standard airborne for our final flying fling and used it for a group photo. All and sundry got to have a fly of the craft whilst keeping watch of a playful hound at the end of the oval, the busy Magpies and the gusting wind.

Just to clarify a miscommunication following a question – no, the Phantom 3 camera does not have audio (but the GoPro 5 does) and the Certificate III in Aviation (RPAS VLOS) varied in length and cost depending on who offers it. See here for available RTOs: https://www.myskills.gov.au/courses/details?Code=AVI30316

A great day all in all – I hope those involved enjoyed their introduction to, and familiarisation of, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Please fly safely and responsibly.

Images from the day can be viewed and/or downloaded from Flickr.


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