Post-event report: Drone Bootcamp 29 July 2017

Many thanks to the great group of enthusiastic Drone Bootcamp participants from Saturday 29 July for their focus, engagement and positive feedback… what a great day.

After settling in and immediately unboxing, pre-flighting, arming and calibrating drones included in the program’s cost, we retired to the ‘bat cave’ and got busy learning definitions and terminologies, flying safety, CASA rules and regulations and handy resources and apps before a break. Post-lunch we hit the Sports Complex proper to fly the small, inexpensive but challenging Syma X5C’s and X5UC’s.

A drone captured high up in the safety net did not deter tenacious Niran with fellow participant Andrew recruited to assist with retrieval courtesy of his natural height and with the aid of the instructor’s homemade telescopic GoPro pole (thumbs up to that team effort).

I hope all involved enjoyed the chance to fly the DJI Phantom 3 despite a bit of wind making the prospect touch and go but the aircraft’s intelligent flight system made it a breeze (did you see what I did there… that’s a weather pun). Images featured here are ‘selfies’ shot by the participants first time out.

Many thanks to all that attended – you’ve earnt your ‘wings’ as recreational drone pilots – go forth to fly safely and responsibly.

The above images can be downloaded in high resolution via Flickr.

Mark Will – Chief Drone Nerd 


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