Post-event report: Drone Bootcamp 24 June 2017

An enthusiastic group numbering 10 ‘pilots’ participated in our adult program on Saturday, 24 June 2017.

After settling in and learning the definition of ‘drone’s, the history of UAVs, how they actually work and the CASA rules and regulations, students hit the Sports Complex proper to fly the small, inexpensive but challenging Syma X5. Participants were agasp at the natural skill of our youngest participant (Ruben) who had the Syma X5 in a perfect, controlled hover first time out enabling the safety glasses-adorned instructor to proceed forward and demonstrate the craft’s gyroscope and accelerometer by carefully trying to nudge it from it’s controlled hover – it settled back into position each time highlighting the amazing 6-axis stabilisation these ‘drones’ are equipped with.

The patience of the group was appreciated as participants took turns to conquer various manoeuvres. Mother nature presented constant 12km/h plus winds on the day making outdoor flying too dangerous but it did allow for resources and apps (such as ‘Can I Fly There’ and Wind Compass) to be referenced as handy drone-pilot tools to influence risk-management decisions when identifying if flying can occur at any given place and in any given conditions.

Challenges encountered on the day have influenced a program change going forward where all participants will operate ground-based craft (such as the Sky Walker rolling drone) enabling those new to remote control operation and Mode 2 transmitter configuration to ‘cut their teeth’ without having to conquer a flying craft at the outset.

Many thanks to all that participated – you’ve earnt your ‘wings’ as recreational drone pilots so please fly safely and responsibly.

All images taken on the day can be viewed and/or downloaded on Flickr.

Mark Will – Chief Drone Nerd 


One Reply to “Post-event report: Drone Bootcamp 24 June 2017”

  1. David Drones says:

    Realy great learning experience. Hope this boot camp help others too. Cheers


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