Bootcamp Bravo, Charlie & Delta – 20 April post-event report

Our final Drone Bootcamp workshop for the April (Easter) school holidays saw a full enrolment of enthusiastic UAV pilots with ages ranging from 10 (with parent in attendance as duty-of-care) to 14.

We got off to a late start and were unfortunately 30mins behind schedule at the end of our seminar phase with a Kahoot quiz sacrificed in order to get flying started as close to 11am as possible. Flying activities where compressed in the session prior to lunch but we managed to get to our 12:30pm lunch window with most basic flying drills covered.

More sunny skies and light winds meant participants got to fly outdoors and the chance to fly our Kaiser Baas Delta drone with GPS arming, GPS hover hold and return-to-home feature as well as put their own drones (as provided by Drone Bootcamp) through their paces. Students checked out the recommended ‘Am I safe to fly?’ and ‘Wind Compass’ apps introduced to aid pre-flight intelligence.

Students completing the Bootcamp CHARLIE program left with a Syma X5C Explorer and DELTA took home the X5UC (featuring auto-take off and hover hold). Congratulations to all our graduates for earning their ‘wings’ – hopefully we’ll see you again in July for follow up programs.

Images from the event can be viewed and/or downloaded at:

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